When you want to protect your invention with a patent, you may be tempted to go for a DIY approach, but you should know that there are some factors you should look for. Invention Patent Referrals services include independent contractors and can be time-consuming. This article will discuss the things you need to look for when choosing one. First, search reports indicate if the invention is new or not.

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Search Reports Indicate If The Invention Is New

Patents reference many types of documents, including other patents and scientific articles. When determining whether an invention is new, a patent search report will highlight the documents cited by the invention. If the invention is not new, it will not be patented. Depending on the type of patent, the search report will indicate if it is. If the invention is not new, it will be referred to as an “invention of a prior art”.


If the patent search does not reveal a prior art document, then the invention is probably new. Disclosures of an invention are often sales or demonstrations to a third party. Disclosures by the applicant will not affect a patent application unless it falls within the 12-month grace period for new applications. However, if the invention has been disclosed within the past 12 months, it will not be cited.


Provisional Application

When choosing invention patent referral services, you must determine whether a provisional application is better for your invention. The advantage of a provisional application is that it gives you a year to test the product before you file a non-provisional application. In contrast, a non-provisional application takes up to two years to process. This can be a significant expense, and you should always weigh the risks and benefits of both options before you make a final decision.


If your invention involves making a car tire out of vulcanized rubber, a provisional application can only cover the invention’s technical details. Conversely, if you intend to make it out of silicone, a non-provisional application cannot block the competitor from making that car tire. This can lead to a lack of protection for your invention. Ultimately, you should consider hiring an invention patent referral service to protect your invention.


A provisional application is a simplified version of the patent filing process and preserves the filing date. A non-provisional application is more comprehensive, and you’ll likely need the help of an intellectual property attorney to complete it properly. A provisional patent allows you to test the market and do more research before filing a non-provisional application.


The standard first step in patent protection is searching the patent database. Filing a provisional application isn’t a good idea if you aren’t sure that your invention has potential market value, or if you don’t have the funds to hire a patent attorney.


Independent Contractors Are Included In Invention Patent Referrals

The contractor must provide periodic listings of inventions disclosed by them. It is the contractor’s responsibility to disclose all inventions disclosed by them in writing to the federal agency. They must do so in a manner that provides sufficient technical detail to convey the idea behind the invention. The contractor must notify the agency of the acceptance of the manuscript or the planned public use of the invention. In addition, the contractor must notify the agency of any pending patent applications for a new invention.


The WIPO website lists inventions developed by employees and independent contractors. In most countries, the inventions developed by employees belong to the employer. Similarly, an independent contractor’s invention belongs to the employer unless they enter into an assignment agreement. In this case, the employee must be hired to come up with a solution to a problem for the employer. If the invention is not a product of the employer, the employee owns the patent.



There are several important reasons to consider InventHelp patent services. These services include toll-free 1800-INVENTION, a website with a simple information request form, and a phone number where inventors can call and ask questions. However, InventHelp does not offer legal or patent advice, as these are best left to licensed patent agents or attorneys. Therefore, it is important to seek independent legal and patent advice before using these services.


To choose the InventHelp invention patent referrals service, you need to provide a detailed description of your invention. If possible, you can build a prototype of your idea and test it out. The patent attorney will also give you information on the process of patenting an invention. The inventor should remember to include references to prior art that is relevant to his or her invention. The invention patent is not a publication, but a detailed document that describes your invention. You can also incorporate references to other people’s work to demonstrate its novelty.


Patent attorneys are not free of charge. It is vital to seek the InventHelp services of a registered patent attorney. Patent attorneys will charge you a flat fee for the initial analysis of your invention. This fee will be paid to the patent attorney once they have evaluated it. However, it is important to hire a registered patent attorney to protect your invention. Even if the patent attorney does not charge you, the patent lawyer’s services are often deceptively expensive.


A successful invention patent search is an essential first step. By performing an effective patent search, you can avoid duplicating designs. In some cases, the invention patent referrals service will even help you build a prototype of your invention. Lastly, some of these services offer their clients assistance in filing patent applications. Inventors must consider this step before proceeding to the next step. There are also patent attorneys who will help you fill out the necessary forms.



The cost of invention patent referrals will depend on the complexity of your invention. Depending on the field, you may need to hire a scientific firm, a technological company, an artist, or an expert in blueprints. Each of these professionals will charge an hourly rate or flat fee for their time and expertise. Some people manage to develop their inventions without having to spend any money upfront. However, others have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the process.


The significant step in the invention patent process is to determine whether your invention is truly unique. Does someone already have something similar? If so, it is likely already a product market. Similarly, if your invention is unique and has no direct competitor, there is a good chance it already exists. If your invention is a better or more practical way to use the Internet, you should seek the advice of an InventHelp patent attorney.  #InventHelp Technology   #InventHelp Inventors    #InventHelp Products  #InventHelp Corporate Headquarters   #InventHelp Blog    #InventHelp Linkedin

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